Another Year In The Books


Another year is now in the books.

For the first time since I was 18 I was actually excited for my birthday yesterday! I dont know what it was about the last few years (well I know why I wasn't excited last year but you all know that) but birthdays just seemed so meh. I have also decided that 22 didn't happen ... I have gone straight from 21 to 23, I'm a time traveller!

Twas a good day yesterday at work, which certainly helped in not letting my birthday suck, I got a couple of little presents from my boss and a couple of the other staff there which was unexpected but nice nonetheless. I also got taken out to lunch yesterday which was fun, pretty much all of the management upstairs emptied out to come down to Mackies for lunch, there were nine of us there all up and it was a good meal too!

Last night was a pretty lazy night just sitting around playing a bit of Wii with Sam and Gemma, then some GH2 and 3 with Noyce

Tonight is going to be fun though, its partay down time ... got a fair few people coming around here before we head downtown for a night of mischief

But that is all for now, there is a story to tell about how today started so it may get told later
Casey Jones

Spicy Chicken Soup?

So I was inspired late last week to do some cooking, I had a look around The F Word Website for something that would be easy enough to make given that I havent cooked .... well .... ever

THIS is what I decided on, so I decided that my parents would be my test subjects so I headed off to their place on Sunday night to cook them dinner

Crappy camera phone pictures after the cut

Collapse )

So there you have it, my first foray into the kitchen and according to those that tasted it, a successful foray at that. But I can safely say that I have been bitten by the cooking bug and I have a copy of this book currently en route from along with this and this

In other news, work is going well. I have started my three months full time over in Orange and all is going well. Sometimes the clients get to be a bit much but its nothing a few minutes of slowing down to collect my thoughts can't fix, and I saw The Dark Knight tonight. It was pretty damn good, Heath Ledgers performance was good, but not Oscar worthy (like all the hype has been saying) in my opinion. Certainly a great movie though

I don't think I have mentioned it in this ol' blog either. I moved back out of home ... about 2 months ago now. I could just look at previous posts and check but that is quite a bit of effort so I will just mention it again. I moved out of home and into a two bedroom flat in Bathurst with a mate from high school. All is well, and I am loving being back out of home again.

Well, thats all for now

Peace Out

Moving House

I have moved back to Bathurst!

Moved in with a mate from Primary/High School, and all is good ... Got everything moved except for my bar fridge, PC and Computer Desk. The reason for that being that for the next week I am house sitting for mum and dad whilst they are in Sydney with Cathi for her operation (She is having work done on her jaw to unfuck her teeth up)

Our ADSL gets connected at the new place next Tuesday so that will be good too

We are in a block of flats down in Havannah St. Its a nice place, its central but not too central to pretty much everything in town, and at a rough guess we are within two blocks of six pubs!

Work is going well out at Bloomfield, I have picked up pretty much everything on the Clerical officer side of things, so it won't be too bad when Mel goes on leave

And the rumor mill says that there might be an even better prospect for me out there coming up! So stay tuned!

Can't think of much else to ramble on about at the moment so I will leave it there

Peace Out

The Mildly Big Post


This is the mildly big post which probably won't be too big

Been working out at Bloomfield at the Lyndon withdrawl unit lately. Started off as a Data Enrty job which wasnt too difficult ... Just lots of taking files out of one box, listing them on a spreadsheet and putting them in another box. But from that I was offered work as an Admin officer for when the girl currently doing that job goes on Maternity leave ... wo0t wo0t. So for the last 2-3 weeks I have been doing one or two days a week just shadowing Mel and learning what she does. For the last few days I have been in there I have actually been doing the work, and am getting the hang of it pretty quickly, so thats good. Mel is taking three months off starting in July, but she wants to take six off. Hopefully she will so I can get some money behind me.

-=Operation Melbourne Relocation=-
On hold ... Work made sure of that, I would have been stupid to turn down this job irregardless of how much I want to go down to Melbourne (Which is lots!)

As most know, I was with Destiny, who I met on World of Warcraft, she spent 6 weeks over Xmas here, and it was great. But the distance when she went back home took its toll, and we decided it would be better for both of us if we just went back to being friends (how we started out) and so far we are doing pretty well with that

-=World of Warcraft=-
I Have been playing my Horde Rogue lately. But I have hit a plateau, one that nsanity_au told me about. I am at the point now, where I am sitting on top of the Damage/DPS meters without putting too much thought/effort into my button mashing. The new content added in the latest patch is kind of keeping me busy with doing the new Daily quests and all. But raiding wise I am still sitting in Karazhan/Gruuls Lair ... where I have been sitting for the last ~12 months. And it is borderline impossible to find a guild doing higher content as a rogue, even though my gear can now carry me into Late SSC/TK and early to mid Black Temple. I'll see how it goes, I may take another break from the game, this time until the expansion comes out.

-=Xbox 360=-

That is all

Well, not really ... I sent my 360 back for repairs yesterday .... 2 weeks after the repair order was initially put in ... Because apparently it is difficult to send an email within 48 hours ..... then its difficult to attach a .pdf file

Dad comes home next Wednesday ... Should be interesting

So yeah, thats about it at the moment .... I had indoor soccer tonight and am working tomorrow so its sleepy bye time

Peace Out :)